The Role of CCS in the Paris Agreement and its Article 6

29th April 2020

Topic(s): Carbon capture and storage (CCS), Carbon markets, Carbon removal, Policy law and regulation

There has been a growing interest within the Institute’s membership – and elsewhere – in the opportunities to drive the deployment of CCS by the provisions of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. This paper draws together all the latest information and thinking on the Article and its role in enabling countries to meet the objectives they have set themselves in their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), with particular emphasis on how it can impact CCS.

The paper, authored by our Senior Policy Advisor Eve Tamme and Consultant John Scowcroft, provides insights into the history of Article 6, elaborates on how it can be an enabler for CCS, and looks into the upcoming developments in this field by answering the following questions:
• What does Article 6 do?
• What does Article 6 not do?
• Where is Article 6 in the international climate negotiations?
• What does Article 6 mean for CCS?
• What are the next steps?


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The Role of CCS in the Paris Agreement and its Article 6


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