CCS Talks: California Policy and Climate Action Update

9th April 2020

Type(s): webinar

California Policy and Climate Action Update

Thursday, April 9

12.00 pm to 1.30 pm EST (Washington)


Please join the Global CCS Institute for an insightful web-based discussion with California-based experts on the latest news and developments on climate and CCS in California. 

Expert Discussion

Maya Batres

Project Manager, Energy & Land Use

The Nature Conservancy 

Deepika Nagabhushan

Program Director, Decarbonized Fossil Energy

Clean Air Task Force

George Peridas 

Staff Scientist

Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Moderated by

Lee Beck  

Senior Advisor 

Global CCS Institute 

California has long been a pioneer in terms of climate policy; in 2018 then Governor Brown brought the state on a path to net-zero emissions by mid-century - even before the release of the IPCC report on Global Warming of 1.5C. With the creation of the LCFS CCS Protocol in 2018, California aims to spur innovation and tackle emissions from the transportation sector through CCS. Already, the policy has bolstered two CCS project announcements. However, California's climate and CCS momentum does not stop there; Lawrence Livermore National Lab just released a carbon removal roadmap, outlining the opportunities for carbon capture deployment in the state. At the same time, advocates are optimizing the path to meet climate goals from a resource and land-use perspective, while supporting the application of CCS beyond just in sectors within the scope of the LCFS.

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CCS Talks:  California Policy and Climate Action Update


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