Development of a guideline for safe, reliable and cost effective transmission of CO2 in pipelines

1st January 2009

Topic(s): CO2 hubs, CO2 transport

During the last decades significant effort has been put into research on the social, economical, political and technical issues related to large scale deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). A complete CCS cycle requires safe, reliable and cost efficient solutions for transmission of CO2 from the capturing facility to the location of permanent storage. The current initiative originates from DNV’s long engagement in developing standards and guidelines for offshore pipelines and an identified need to specifically address the technical challenges related to transmission of CO2 with associated contaminants. The guideline will be based on a comprehensive literature review and gathering of experience from existing (both onshore and offshore) CO2 pipeline operators. Available pipeline codes, standards, guidelines and regulations combined with the latest available research and technical developments is set as the point of departure for this guideline development. Issues related to pipeline design, commissioning and operation as well as re-qualification/conversion of existing pipelines for transmission of CO2 will be addressed. The guideline is being developed as a joint industry project and is scheduled for delivery by end of July 2009. After completion of the JIP, the guideline will be converted into a public available Recommended Practice (RP) by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The guideline will give “how to?” answers for safe, reliable and cost-effective transmission of CO2 in pipelines. This paper addresses main technical issues one need to manage.


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Development of a guideline for safe, reliable and cost effective transmission of CO2 in pipelines


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