The CarbonNet Project: integrity of wells in the near-shore area Gippsland Basin Victoria

14th October 2015

Topic(s): Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), CO2 storage

The Global CCS Institute presents this new report by CarbonNet evaluating the impact legacy petroleum wells may have on their search for CO2 storage sites in the nearshore Gippsland Basin. The CarbonNet Project is investigating the potential to establish a CCS Hub bringing together multiple CO2 capture projects in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley, transporting CO2 via a shared pipeline and injecting it into deep saline formations in the nearshore Gippsland Basin.

This report identified and then analysed legacy petroleum wells that may have an impact on the feasibility of CO2 storage sites targeted as future storage concepts. The analysis included using data lodged with the regulatory authority to assess how the legacy petroleum wells were ‘completed’. The investigation found that none of the wells have any significant risk of leakage and that there is negligible risk of CO2 rising to near-surface levels.

This report is authored by Todd Goebel, Nick Hoffman, Barry Nicholson, and The CarbonNet Project. Chris Consoli, Institute Senior Adviser for Storage, Asia-Pacific also provides an overview of the report in a new Insight available on the Global CCS Institute website.


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The CarbonNet Project: integrity of wells in the near-shore area Gippsland Basin Victoria


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