101 Questions and 101 Answers from the CCS 101 Webinar Series

31st July 2021

Between 23 April and 21 May, 2021, the Global CCS Institute hosted a series of three webinars every other Friday from 10-11 am Eastern Time, titled The Carbon Capture and Storage 101 Webinars. The first webinar focused on “Introducing a CCS Project,” the second was on “CCS Infrastructure for a Net-Zero Future,” and the third was titled “CCS Policy for a Net-Zero Future.”

These webinars generated an extraordinary number of questions – 101 in total. Their breadth and depth emphasised the many technological, financial, geographical, social, and political aspects of CCS that must be met to achieve the scale-up required to manage climate change. These questions also clearly indicate the need for more educational materials on CCS.

This brief seeks to fill that void by answering the 101 questions from the CCS 101 webinars. It should be an especially effective educational tool because it deals with specific themes in the CCS universe that are either misunderstood, mischaracterized, or missing information to a very diverse audience composed of experts and non-experts alike. Indeed, questions came from industry representatives, academics, Capitol Hill staffers, members of the press, and the general public. Some were extremely technical and some quite general. Accordingly, some required detailed, nuanced answers and some no more than a few words. Regardless, with nearly 1000 people attending at least one webinar in the CCS 101 Series, it is likely that these questions represent the queries of a broad swath of the public interested in developing or investing in a CCS project. The answers provide a rich tableau of insights into the current status and future potential of CCS.


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101 Questions and 101 Answers from the CCS 101 Webinar Series


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