Electricity generation cost model: 2011 update revision 1

5th August 2011

Topic(s): Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), Economics

This report provides the supporting information to the update of cost assumptions and technical inputs for the DECC Levelised Electricity Cost Model.
The report begins by defining the scope of the work which PB undertook and the general limitations which were experienced. The methodology of the work, including the general approach and the data sources used, are then detailed. Also, any fundamental changes which had to be made to the model are explained.

The main focus of the report is an analysis of the methods and assumptions used to update the cost and technical inputs. The main parameters of key timings, technical data, capital costs and operation and maintenance (O&M) costs are discussed in full. The report is concluded by giving an overview of each technology, in terms of the notable updates and key reasons behind these updates. The current state of the technology and any expected future changes are also discussed.

A summary of the updated cost assumptions and technical inputs have been included in the appendices of the report, along with the subsequent levelised cost results.


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Electricity generation cost model: 2011 update revision 1


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