Knowledge sharing report. CO2 liquid logistics shipping concept: business model

18th November 2011

Topic(s): Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), CO2 hubs, CO2 transport

With the different CCS logistical chain components identified and the high number of emitters in the Rotterdam area, the companies Vopak, Anthony Veder, Air Liquide and Gasunie joined forces in a joint venture called Carbon In Transport (De Rotterdamse CINTRA Maatschappij BV, or CINTRA) to provide a fully-integrated CCS transportation solution – for both emitters and storage providers.

To support the early deployment of CCS in Rotterdam and the development of a Rotterdam CCS Network, the Global CCS Institute supported Vopak and Anthony Veder to conduct a feasibility study on their CO2 liquid logistics shipping concept that will provide emitters with a complete logistical transportation solution for captured CO2 from their site to an offshore storage location.

In this report business principles for the liquid logistics shipping concept are elaborated upon and a rationale on how this business model can be rolled out further is provided. In addition, the transportation costs for the various shipping and pipeline routes are compared.


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Knowledge sharing report. CO2 liquid logistics shipping concept: business model


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