ROAD Project – Close out report

23rd July 2019

The ROAD project was one of the leading European CCS Projects from 2010 to 2017. During that time, a great deal of project development and engineering work was completed, including full design and procurement to allow a possible FID at end 2011 or early 2012.

This report gives the overview of all the public “close-out” reports written after the formal decision to terminate the project was made in September 2017. This set of reports is designed to present the knowledge gained and lessons learnt from the ROAD Project in an accessible form. The reports cover technical issues, financial issues, risk management, permitting and regulation. The objective is to give future CCS project developers, knowledge institutes, researchers and other interested parties the maximum opportunity to use the knowledge gained and lessons learnt by the ROAD project team.

You can find all the public reports and specific sections below.

Report sections Scope
Overview Introduce and summarise the public close-out reports.
Capture and Compression Technical report covering capture, compression and power plant integration.
Transport Technical report covering CO2 pipeline transport.
CO2 Storage Both technical and commercial aspects of CO2 storage for ROAD. Subsurface work required to demonstrate permanent storage is described.
Risk Management The risk management approach used by ROAD.
Permitting and Regulation Description of the regulatory and permitting framework and process for the ROAD project, including required changes to regulations.
Governance and Compliance Company structure and governance for Maasvlakte CCS Project C.V., the joint venture undertaking the ROAD Project.
Project Costs and Funding A presentation of the projected economics of the project, with both projected income and costs.
Finance and Control Description of the financial and control systems, including the costs incurred and grants claimed.
Knowledge Sharing Outline of the Knowledge Sharing & Dissemination plan as developed by the ROAD project and completed KS deliverables and actions.
Public Engagement Description of how ROAD organized and managed the Public Engagement process.

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