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CCS in the Circular Carbon Economy: Policy and Regulatory Recommendations
CCS in the Circular Carbon Economy: Policy and Regulatory Recommendations

23rd July 2021

Topic(s): Carbon capture and storage (CCS), CCS finance, CCS investment, Policy law and regulation

CCS is one of many climate mitigating technologies that is mature, commercially available, and absolutely necessary to achieve global net-zero ambitions and a stable climate. The total installed CCS capacity must increase 100-fold by 2050 to limit global warming to below 2° Celsius.

This report summarises policy and legal factors that have a material impact on the investability of CCS projects and makes recommendations on how governments may facilitate greater private sector investment in CCS.

The report examines and covers:

  • Financing CCS
  • The development of CCS-specific legal and regulatory frameworks
  • Recommendations addressing policy, finance and regulatory matters





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