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The CarbonNet Project: development of a CO2 specification for a CCS hub network
The CarbonNet Project: development of a CO2 specification for a CCS hub network

25th May 2016

Topic(s): Carbon capture use and storage (CCUS), CO2 hubs, CO2 transport

The Global CCS Institute is supporting the development of the CarbonNet Project through a series of reports and enable the sharing of knowledge throughout its development. The CarbonNet Project, located in the Victoria, Australia is in its feasibility phase. It is planning the development of a hub-based network that will centre on a large capacity pipeline (up to 5 million tonnes per annum) to deep, secure storage sites in the offshore Gippsland Basin.

A critical aspect of hub-based network projects in general is the complex process of gathering multiple sources of CO2 (e.g. coal-fired power stations, natural gas processing, etc.), each with unique properties, into a single pipeline and into a storage site. This report explores the details of different specifications from the various potential capture methods and feedstock, which could come together and how that could impact the specifications of infrastructure and the storage site itself.

The report outlines the lower and upper bounds of the potential CO2 specifications a hub project could encounter and proposes technically achievable limitations on the whole of project chain. This includes source proponents’ requirement, pipeline integrity and composition, requirements of the storage site, as well as health, safety and environment factors. Finally, the report outlines the techno-economic trade-off between additional processing for the CO2 sources and the impact on transport and storage.

By undertaking these studies in the early phase of project development, barriers such as restrictive specifications can be minimised and this could reduce costs overall, whilst increasing the viability of the multi-user system- the key platform for any hub-based network project.

This report is a product of work undertaken by Parsons Brinckerhoff with inputs from the CarbonNet Project team.



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